Public Preview

previewWe do Public Review to point out flaws and misconceptions that the original authors and peer review missed. But still, there often is a lot of time, energy, and money wasted. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid that in the first place?


Present a draft of your abstract and the planned methodology to our distributed intelligence. When we notice problems you’ll know. And you can either fix it or explain. Yes, it’s a little more work on your part. But work that may pay huge dividend in the quality of the final result.

The best way to do it would be to create your own blog. Post your planned research and spread the link. This way you’ll have the most direct connection to the network and the related feedback. Or you can just give it to some other host for posting it and check the comments later.

I would love to see established journals pick up the idea and install something like this as a regular service. Until then I offer to serve as a hub for vaping related studies. Just leave a comment here or contact me. I’ll either help distribute links to your blog or post it for you.

I created a Facebook group dedicated to this: Public Preview


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