Artistic Help needed

HELP!I could use some help. I may have a few talents, but creating grafics certainly isn’t one of them. It took me hours just to “warhol” the selfie for the avatar I use everywhere. It’s ok for identification, but it’s boring narcissistic overkill to use it for blog posts.

I would like my posts when shared on FB or goggle to have some nice icons instead of a blank square or my avatar. I can describe what I imagine, but I have neither clue nor the talent to create it. My capabilities end at pasting together images and converting them to jpgs. My problems begin with finding some useful (free of copyright!) and fitting pictures to begin with. I know there are free libraries like but even when I find some of what I’m looking for, it’s all from different styles that simply won’t match.

I have gimp installed and I know some basics. But I actually prefer google draw. It’s easier to use for me. Clobbering together an image like this is about the limit of my artistic “skills”.


The technical part:
Size: at least 200×200 (for FB)
Main Color: #336290 (The standard color in my avatar)

Artistic imagiation:
I’m looking for some simple iconic pictures that won’t clash (too much) with my avatar on the same page. Few colors would be best. I’m thinking of some symbols (minimalistic, not too many details) that can be combined to indicate the type of article.

– musing/concept (“thinking” cloud, gear wheels?)
– vaping (different generations)
– networking user community
– single scientists
– science in general (symbol pi, test tube?)
– scientific studies/surveys (folder, test tube, pen?)
– review / preview (eye?)
– pit falls, common errors (attention/danger sign?)

I want to combine and use them e.g. for:
Public Preview -> concept, community, review, study

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