Addressing the intended audiences

 To the real scientists I want to provide an external point of view. Maybe even inspire a new approach. Real life applicable science to be done. Pitfalls to avoid. Improve the value of your work.

 To those that deliberately abuse the term “science” my message is: Once you were secure in your ivory towers. The public could only marvel at the wonders you disclosed or the arcane disputes that sometimes reached us. The times are changing! Peer review was the most respected form of acceptance. In some cases this seems to have deteriorated tosycophant review. But we have something new. Public review!
Sure, most of us don’t have the scientific background for indepth analysis. But even a layman can verify specific errors pointed out and explained by someone more knowledgeable. You call us “astroturfs” because you don’t want to face the reality.

 To the media: You are complaining about losing ground. And you try to compensate by sacrificing quality in favor of quantity. Yes, it’s cheap and easy to copy and paste all the press releases from scientists and so-called experts. But any chimp can do that. Once there were journalists celebrated for their investgative work. They uncovered the truth behind the windowdressing of the propaganda and reported it. Revive that tradition and you’ll regain what you have squandered: Respect!
And it’s much easier today. Just look at all the comments those junk articles gather. Get in contact with some of the people. Investigate. Get the story behind the press release. Deliver quality instead of quantity. Earn respect.

To other vapers: Get involved, too. Share your stories, spread your ideas.

To non-smokers: Don’t let anybody fool you. There are scaremongering bullies that want to use you to harrass smokers and vapers. It was the obvious bovine excrement against vaping that first triggered my curiosity. By now I’m convinced the scarecrow “second hand smoke” is almost as exaggerated. I couldn’t find any convincing data to support any real dangers. While I don’t doubt that smoking is harmful, I don’t trust them with their claims of the risk level . But don’t take my word for it: Check it for yourself. And think of smoking friends and family. Maybe vaping is a viable alternative for them, too.

To smokers: Don’t let them scare you. If you want to try vaping, just do it. It’s not primarily a cessation product. It’s an alternative to smoking. Just like green tea is an alternative to coffee. A little caution to prevent disappointment: While there are many similarities to smoking which make it easier to switch, there also are differences that can be irritating at first. Here is a nice how-to that I can recommend:

One comment on “Addressing the intended audiences
  1. Very insightful. I often say that when we’re out there arguing on the boards, we’re not really in any true sense trying to “change the mind” of whatever fruitcake Anti we’re arguing with at the moment. Our attention should ALWAYS be focused on the “passers by” — those folks who are roughly in the middle, maybe just peripherally interested in the story, but who pop down to the comments to see if there are any interesting fights going on or any strong criticisms of whatever the main story points were.

    Short, sweet, sharp, funny posts that have a solid nugget of info that will make someone pause to think are the ideal. If the Anti is dumb enough to try a substantive response, then it opens the door for a longer, more detailed and referenced response and the passers-by will continue reading at that point because it’s become an arena and they want to play a part in deciding who’s won or lost amidst the blood ‘n gore. If they come back with an Ad Hominem or simply run away, you’ve also won in the eyes of the passers-by.

    Heh, and looking at your Disqus comment record, you’ve done quite a job out there: triple the number of likes as comments! I’ve only got double, and a lot of us barely break even simply because we don’t have the numbers out there that the Antis have gotten through their media campaigns.

    Keep on fightin’ Nor!


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