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Diminishing Dependency

As Professor Karl Fagerström explains in Dependence on tobacco and nicotine, it isn’t as simple as a single substance addiction. It’s rather complex with lots of individual differences. Here is something I noticed: When I was a smoker (2 packs

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Don’t Dismiss Differences

Many people without first mouth experience still think that all ecigs are basically the same. That the differences are only cosmetic and marginal. Right: The basic operating principle is the same. Wrong: There are huge differences not only in quantity,

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Vaping vs. NRT

A lot of people–including scientists, politicians, jounalists, and even vapers–consider ecigs to be just a new form of NRT. This assumption is the source of many problems. That assumption was what initally prompted me to dismiss ecigs. And it still

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Beneficial Bias

With internet surveys the authors usually caution that the results are not representative for the population. Not even for all vapers. That certainly is true. But does this limit the validity and applicability of the collected data? Only if you

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Pleasure Principle

A hypothesis why ecigs can be permanently successful with smoking cessation, where all other methods usually fail eventually. Let’s face it: Ingesting small amounts of nicotine is rather similar to caffeine. Stimulating and relaxing. As a smoker (or vaper) you

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You Don’t Know Nicotine

A documentation in the making. About common misconceptions that have been around for so long that they are considered "common knowledge" even among scientists. But what are real scientific facts and what are just myths?

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