About me and this Blog

I’m a vaper, I’ve been vaping now for almost three years. I studied computer science. So, while I’m no expert in other fields, I know enough of the basics to understand the studies and detect problems. All the views are my own. I don’t work for any ecigs or tobacco lobby. I’m just a regular citizen. Not “astroturf”.

The primary intention of this blog is to share my personal views with vapers and scientists. To provoke some thought. I hope some will question and reconsider some basic assumptions that in my eyes lead to erroneous conclusions or exclusion of important factors. But I will start with my personal story and an address to the audience I hope it will have. I also hope more vapers will share their stories and views.

It’s still under construction, and I’m working on the appearance. With the help of an artistically talented friend. The professionally looking grafic icons are from her.

8 comments on “About me and this Blog
  1. Brian Goosen says:

    I read your story, and can relate to it. I’m almost 38 now, and I had my first cigarette when I was a teenager. Never really tried that hard to quit, always kidding myself that since I was a moderate smoker (about half a pack a day) it wasn’t that bad. About 2 and a half years ago I walked into a strip mall tobacco shop for a couple packs of smokes. I noticed their display of e-cigs and asked what they were all about. So, just for fun, with no intention of quitting I bought an ego-style starter kit. Within 3 days I’d discovered I actually preferred vaping to smoking and got rid of the smokes. Sure, there were times the vaporizer wasn’t really as effective as a cigarette at getting rid of the craving, but I fought the urge to light up, and just kept vaping, and I haven’t picked up a cigarette since.

    I too posted my testimonial at CASAA, but that was almost 2 years ago. I’d like to go update it to say that I still haven’t had a cigarette if I can just figure out how…

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story!

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  2. devinna says:

    I too was just walking in a shopping mall when I came upon one of these kiosks offering a free try,and from that second I was hooked on the idea of Vaping.Out the window went over 40odd years plus of 40-50 cigs per day.One can only say that this form of nicotine delivery service should be put up for Nobel prize.The amount of lives it has saved,and will save is not measurable,but instead of all these Public Health depts trying to batter Vaping,they should just see what Vaping has done for the community,and promote it for the obvious good it is doing for millions,not hundreds or thousands,but MILLIONS!


  3. liampboyle says:

    I’m 42 and started smoking at 17. I have been trying to switch to vaping for about the last two years using the corner store cartridge type cigalikes. I always ended up reverting back to cigarettes.

    Last week I picked up a refillable e-liquid model and am now making a complete break with the cigarettes.

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    • Good luck!

      And don’t hesitate to try a lot of different flavors. Even if their names sound strange. The road to find the right flavors for you can be fun by itself.


  4. liampboyle says:

    I’m discovering. Now if I can just find a good coffee or cinnamon scone flavor 🙂

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  5. caprizchka says:

    I’m not a vaper but I appreciate your viewpoint. If I were to become a vaper I’d have to be either making my own liquid or obtaining it under strict conditions of my own. The result would probably offend the anti-smokers even more, so it’s probably best I abstain for the moment.

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