Beneficial Bias

biasWith internet surveys the authors usually caution that the results are not representative for the population. Not even for all vapers. That certainly is true. But does this limit the validity and applicability of the collected data? Only if you try to extrapolate to the general population. Look at who the participants are: They (we) are some of the most successful vapers. We are active because it is important to us to keep this far superior alternative to smoking available.

What the collected data reveal totally unbiased are the common traits of successful, active vapers!

These data show which factors are important for successful smoking cessation by switching to vaping. And what remains important to stay tobacco free. Like the plethora of flavors:
It’s not just a minor option. It’s a major factor.

Also other surveys may be really useful looking at them from this perspective. Like:

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17 comments on “Beneficial Bias
  1. […] show which factors are important for successful smoking cessation by switching to vaping" Beneficial Bias | Norbert Zillatron The war against vaping continues: […]


  2. […] stats. I know it’s not scientific results. I’ll leave that to the scientists. The blog Beneficial Bias should answer any questions as to how this survey and others like it […]


  3. […] Mine was right in line with better breathing, within a couple days. Cough was GONE in a week. Really. The comments are stunning as to asthma going to almost non-existent and other health problems improving, showing the cigarette carcinogens are MUCH more dangerous than “entities” allow to be discussed. Vaping on the other hand doesn’t obviously do that, or we would have none of the above imporovements. There were a few that said they had health issues that they contribute to vaping. I added that choice because I wanted it to be clear – it was in there and people DID choose that answer to the crowd that thinks this is “anecdotal” or fixed. I also point you swiftly and DIRECTLY here on that note: Norbert Zillatron shows us with his quick article on bias. Please read it, it’s a great article. […]


  4. OMGRay says:

    Superb compilation of data all in one place. Thanks for sharing this Norbert. Particulary enjoyed the responses and input on Freaking Formaldehyde. Kudos and Vape Safe!

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  5. […] In a few comments, there was the word “anecdotal”. Others had mentioned that it was “biased”. Well, yes, yes it was. Quickly, an article came streaming across my eye and gave me more hope! (Thank you, Norbert!) […]


  6. […] you believe these are anecdotal, please refer  Beneficial Bias before […]


  7. […] public health experts, the FDA & CDC don’t want to hear. They in fact are ignoring them. Beneficial Bias? Yes. Truth? […]


  8. […] Norbert Zillitron answers that question quite eloquently about bias (and quickly I may add) ——–>  Beneficial Bias […]


  9. […] & Beneficial Bias. *Thank you again, […]


  10. […] also is relevant for RCTs. It’s rather easy and efficient when you only have just a few distinct option you want to evaluate. But when you try to evaluate a multifactorial phenomenon like the success of vaping you have a Heisenberg problem. The nicotine content is just one of many factors for the appeal and success of vaping vs smoking. Not even the major factor for most (ex-)smokers. You can get a hint about that when you examine the internet surveys of mostly successful switchers from this point of view. They too often are flippantly dismissed because of their Selection Bias. […]


  11. […] believe this is bias because vapers participated, this shows ‘real world’ beneficial bias. I found their experience similar to mine and wanted the world to know. So did […]


  12. […] «expertos» creen que esto es parcial porque los vapers participaron, esto muestra un sesgo beneficioso del «mundo […]


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