Vaping vs. NRT

A lot of people–including scientists, politicians, jounalists, and even vapers–consider ecigs to be just a new form of NRT. This assumption is the source of many problems. That assumption was what initally prompted me to dismiss ecigs. And it still seems wide spread. A typical question from sceptic smokers is: “Does it help?”

The purpose of a NRT [Nicotine Replacement Therapy: patches, gums, inhalers, …] is total cessation. NRTs are supposed to be just a crutch to reach this goal. To be discarded then.

The main purpose of ecigs is to be a superior alternative to smoking. The added benefit of considerable harm reduction is a nice bonus. Many people want to use them for some kind of cessation. But that’s just an option. Since vaping can be vastly more pleasingsmoking cessation often happens anyway.

So, the question for the efficacy of ecigs used like NRTs might be an interesting one. And it surely can help. But it’s not essential, The only question that really matters is: “Are ecigs a viable alternative to smoking?”–And this question is answered on the free market: They are and people continue to buy them instead of cigarettes.

There is no need to try to optimize the efficacy of ecigs as cessation aids. All that is necessary is not to hinder the natural developement of better consumer products. With better products more smokers will automatically switch to this kind of partial or smoking cessation.

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7 comments on “Vaping vs. NRT
  1. Esther says:

    Make sense! I heard a lot about vaping recently that it could be an alternative to smoking, but never heard of NRT. I just learned it here. Good thing to know that we have this vaping and this NRT so to lessen the number of smokers around.

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    • Oh, NRT [Nicotine Replacement Therapy] is just the common name for all those nicotine patches, gums, lozenges and inhalers produced and sold as “medicinal therapies” by the pharmafia.

      But for me this isn’t about “lessen the number of smokers around”. It’s all about freedom of choice. As a smoker I hated to be increasingly treated as a pariah, a stinking sub-human. And I still hate it when this is done to anybody.

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  2. Norbert, +1. You never cease to amaze me. I adore your ability to cut to the chase with such accuracy. Vaping has worked for me and without question in my case, I would never go back to smoking.

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  3. OMGRay says:

    Thanks Norbert. You certainly do have a unique way to get straight to the point….and well targeted too. In terms of Vaping vs NRT. I think it pretty accurate to include the consumption of plenty of vegetables, raw or otherwise just may be breaking all the rules if applied to nicotine intake. Smoked Kale. Now there’s a “hot” topic for NRT merchants. 🙂 Vape Safe my friend.

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  4. […] Most people think of ecigs only in terms of "cessation tool". That is the major obstacle to overcome, when you try to figure out, why and whether they work or not. Ecigs may be used like NRTs and then they can do a better job. But they are primarily just an alternative consumer product competing with tobacco cigarettes. Just like cola, tea, and energy drinks compete with coffee.-> Vaping vs. NRT […]

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  5. […] of vaping as another, more efficient form of NRT. They can’t—or don’t want to—see the difference and what it means. So they often also promote the medicalisation of vaping. In the mistaken belief that this would be […]


  6. Jens says:

    Chapeau, excellent shot.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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